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2010 bear season:

May 24, 2010 - the first day out for our hunter's black bear hunt in Saskatchewan with Makwa River Outfitters

It had been raining hard here for the last couple days and when the sun came out today we were quite confident that today would be a good day and we were right.  Both Ricky and Mike saw 6 to7 different bear each before they took their bear.  The guide, Roger knows that there was even bigger bear there.

2010-05-24 Ricky.JPG
2010-05-24 Mike.JPG

May 24/10 Ricky and Mike


May 27/10 Terry

Its been a tough week - we have been fighting weather all the time with a lot of precipitation!  We have had two misses (including an awesome chocolate bear)!! 

2010-05-27 Larry with whiskeyjack.JPG

Our guide, Larry with a "B&C Whiskey Jack"!  Incredible how tame a wild bird can get!

2010-05-31 Rod.JPG
2010-05-31 bush trail.JPG

May 31/10 Rod

It was a great day for hunting with some of the hunters seeing up to 5 different bear during the day.  Donnie saw bear ALL DAY LONG!  ... Exciting! 

2010-06-01 steve.JPG

June 1/10 Steve

June 2, 2010 - another beautiful day here but forecast is for thunder showers tomorrow!  Nice bear have been seen for the last couple days.

2010-06-02 kevin.JPG
2010-06-02 kevin show bear's scar.JPG

June 2/10 Kevin

AWESOME BEAR!  This big boar has an interesting scar running vertically down the center of his nose .. result of a fight with another bear would be our guess.

Everyone saw bear today.

2010-06-03 Park.JPG
2010-06-03 mike.JPG

June 3/10 Park and Mike

And that ends our 2010 black bear hunt in Saskatchewan with Makwa River Outfitters

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