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2022 deer season:

2022 Saskatchewan white tail deer hunt with Makwa River Outfitters begins!
Monday, November 7, 2022- Day 1 of Week #1

It the morning of an awesome first day of the hunt!

Temperature: 8 degrees Fahrenheit  wind only at 7mph.


Hot breakfast served in the lodge at 6:20 am


Guides, Matt and Randal loading up the equipment

Almost ready ....

7:00 am .. away they go!

7:40 pm everyone is back in camp.  Everyone saw deer but no deer were taken.


Tuesday, November 8, 2022- Day 2 of Week #1

10:50 am ... the first deer of the season has just been taken ... Congratulations Barrett!


This first deer weighed in at 270 pounds.


Nov 8/22 Barrett


Wednesday, November 9, 2022- Day 3 of Week #1

It's been a slow day ... 

But Hey!  Ed has a deer ... and he is very excited with it.  

It is a real character buck with its unique antlers.  This brute weighed in at a whopping 310 pounds!

2022-11-09 Ed Ferrarra.jpg

Nov 9/22 Ed

Ed says:

"the whole hunt exceeded my expectations. 

I watched this buck for a long time and it was mind boggling.

He made 7-8 scrapes and as many rubs in front of me.

He was grunting and chasing does for 2 hours non-stop.

It was just unreal!"


Thursday, November 10, 2022- Day 4 of Week 1

Jake is back in camp by 11:00 am with his deer..

File_000 (1).png

Nov 10/22 Jake

Jake was still setting up this morning

when he looked out and saw this buck 5 yards away from him!

He had to wait until it walked away so that he could get the gun up on him!

Jake was here in 20 years with the Jim Gokey group.

Here is his 2000 Makwa River Outfitters buck:

2020 20 years ago jake genondale.jpg

This is Jake with his deer in 2000

2022-11-10 RANDAL BDAY.JPG

Friday, November 11, 2022 - Day 5 of Week 1

Our guide, Randal's birthday


We start this day off remembering and being forever thankful to those that have given us freedom in our countries.

In Canada, on this day, we all wear a poppy in our lapels to show the world that WE DO REMEMBER.

So many of our hunting clients (aka Friends) are vets and we are so appreciative for their service.

Makwa River Outfitters guide Larry is a vet and Walker is still in the Reserves.

A sincere thank you to all.

In Canada, we call it Remembrance Day and in USA it is called Memorial Day but we are all of one heart in this matter.

memorial day 2022.jpg
remembrance day.jpg

Joe has a deer ... its a good day!

2022-11-11 joe.jpg

Nov 11/22 Joe

Everyone is still laughing at Joe's

colorful description of the antics of Dolly and Cindy .. the two does at his stand!

The morning started off great for Nat ... he had a deer down ...

the guides tracked it for a long time this morning ...

they tracked it again, this afternoon ... they actually spotted it at one time, but it ran ...

they tracked it again this evening ...still have not caught up to him ...

they will try again in the morning...

It's not an easy thing for a hunter to not have an instant kill...

Its not easy for the guides to leave the deer after dark .. they are good at their jobs...

they are skilled, patient and forest wise ..

but this buck is giving them a challenge.

We all wish the guides luck in the morning.


Saturday, November 13, 2022 - the end of Week 1

Unfortunately, Nat's buck was not found.

Chris also went home without a buck.  He admits that he set his expectations high. 

He was looking for that special buck and refused to take anything less.

bullet holes_edited.png

Monday, November 14, 2022- Day 1 of Week #2


And so week #2 begins ....

11:50 am ... the message comes in ... Al has a deer!

Its a wonderful day!

2022-11-14 Al hart.JPG

Nov 14/22 Al

Lyle said he had a great day ... he "saw more bucks than he could ever imagine"! 

He is looking forward to tomorrow!


Tuesday, November 15, 2022- Day 2 of Week #2

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-25 at 00.46.50.jpg

A beautiful dawn here for our white tail deer hunt in Saskatchewan ... temperature is just around 32F.

A shot has been fired at about 4:00 today....

...the wait begins for the moment when the report come in that the deer is found!

YES!  ... Wayne has a deer!

And Lyle has a deer too!  Whoot Whoot!

Nov 15/22 - Lyle

Nov 15/22 - Wayne


Wednesday November 16, 2022- Day 3 of Week #2

23 degrees Fahrenheit here today with a wind...

... and it got windier ...

No deer today

.... but these girls were ready to rumble!

dueling does.jpg

The Dueling Does


Thursday November 17, 2022- Day 4 of Week #2

No deer today but there are two special people with birthdays to celebrate!


Happy Birthday Wayne and John!

Around the supper table.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-25 at 10.29.25.jpg

A Martin on the bait!

Friday November 18, 2022- Day 5 of Week #2

Ok... we have some action....

Denny has a deer

22-11-18 Denny .jpg

Nov 18/22 - Denny

Jeff had to leave early to catch his flight and unfortunately he is going home without a deer.

On the way back to camp, Jeff and his guide, Randal saw two buck fighting

What is even more cool is that a BIG BUCK ran past behind the fighting bucks.  It is really hard to see it on the video

but it is at 16 seconds ... it goes through like a ghost but Randal was able to produce a still shot from the video.

Saturday November 19, 2022- The end of Week #2


John goes home without a deer today.  He saw a decent deer at the last moment and made a decision to let it go.

bullet holes_edited.png

Sunday November 20, 2022- The night before the start of Week #3


A gathering of friends, old and new!

Many stories to share ...

Every year, I wait for a message from Tim and here it is, right on time:

"Kathy - Hope all is well!!  The season goes by fast. 

Can't wait to get to camp next Sunday for the final week ofthe season. 

I've had lots of great memories with you and your family at Makwa River Outfitters

and I look forward to many more.

Again Thank You for all you do for us!! 

Also pencil me in for the last week of 2023 season. 

I'm coming back.

See you soon, Tim"


Monday November 21, 2022- Day 1 of Week #3


Last night Luke posed at his 2019 "shirt tail"....

This afternoon, he made sure that it wouldn't happen again ...

Luke has a deer down!

2022-11-21 LUKE BROWN.jpg

Nov 21/22 - Luke


Tuesday November 22, 2022- Day 2 of Week #3

We wish the other 5 hunters good luck!

...but there were no deer taken today.

But we were entertained by this little fella today:

Small but mighty! 

This is our Saskatchewan weasel.


Wednesday, November 23, 2022- Day 3 of Week #3

Very mild temperatures here in Saskatchewan ... it was 28 degrees F this morning

and is supposed to get to 36 degrees this afternoon.

Its been way to quiet for way to long ...

but now we have a deer down!

Congratulations Phil!

2022-11-23 Phil Arnold.JPEG

Nov 23/22 -Phil


Thursday November 24, 2022- Day 4 of Week #3



A shot rang out in the forest this morning!

I think there is a "Thanksgiving Buck" coming in!

Yep ... here it is!

Congratulations Walter!

2022-11-24 walter brown.JPEG

Nov 24/22 - Walter.


WhatsApp Image 2022-11-25 at 00.46.51.jpg

Friday, November 25, 2022- Day 5 of Week #3

Walter and Luke are very busy today....

Incredible views from the quad!



That is some prime Makwa River Outfitters White Tail "freezer filler" right there!


Saturday  November 26, 2022- Last morning of Week #3

GREAT NEWS ... Phil Sr has deer!

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-26 at 15.05.23.jpg

Nov 26/22 - Phil Sr.

He's got some broken tines ... he's  got "a story"!

I asked Phil if he was going to reconstruct the broken tines and he said he liked him just the way he is ...

me too Phil!

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-26 at 15.05.13.jpg

Jerry went home without a deer.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-26 at 15.05.11.jpg

Phil also went home without a deer.

But lets be truthful...

if I was a deer, there is not a chance in Hell

that I would think of getting close to

the "Ultimate Deer Hunter"!  

Ha ha ha ... we love you Phil!!

Hey ... its been a tough hunt ...

we had two hunters this week go home without a deer ...

but everyone left deposits to come back next year ...

We are honored to host great hunters who understand the "whole hunt experience"!

You guys are ALL great!


In the mean time, I got a notification on my phone that the Mai Boys are back in the country!

Woo hoo!  .. gonna be another fun week!

bullet holes_edited.png

Monday, November 28, 2022- Day 1 of Week #4

Here is the last week of our season already!

Here are pictures from Rich's treestand:

Thank you for sharing Rich!

No deer today ..


Tuesday, November 29, 2022- Day 2 of Week #4

Tim staying cozy warm in his heated treestand in 9 degree Fahrenheit temperatures

at Makwa River Outfitters on this white tail hunt.


Dick had company at his ground blind this morning!

And wait a minute ... some one shot!

Yep ... Rich has a deer down!


First view of Rich's deer.


Nov 29, 2022 - Rich

what happened today:

Loaded up, secured and on its way back to camp .. another nice Saskatchewan White tail buck!

An email from Danny Palmer from New Mexico (who hunted with us in the past):

"Way to go. Looking good. I miss you so much. The greatest place on earth to hunt. Keep at it "

Thank you Danny! ..


Wednesday, November 30, 2022- Day 3 of Week #4

It's the coldest day that we have had yet ...

it was -13 Fahrenheit this morning and didn't warm up much ..

it is -10 Fahrenheit at 1:00 pm. 

Walker is putting the tracks back on the quad

in preparation for the 4" of snow that is being forecast starting today

(4" usually means 6" in the forest).

We have a deer!  Congratulations Dana!


Nov 30, 2022 - Dana

This is Dana's 24th year here!  That is SOOOO AWESOME!


In the meantime, Rich has been busy

getting his Saskatchewan white tail

cut and packaged!

Impressive Rich!


Thursday, December 1, 2022- Day 3 of Week #4

Quiet day today ... too quiet.

No deer today.


Friday December 2,  2022- Day 3 of Week #4

Another cold day ... -17 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bucks should be moving ... they love this cold.

2022-12-02 hoar frost by yard.JPG

The hoar frost in the trees makes for pretty scenery just before camp.

Mmmmm.... just a minute ... some one shot!

YES ... Tim has a deer and its pretty unusual ...

I suspect an injury while in velvet?


Dec 2/22 - Tim


Time for beer and talk about deer!

Saturday, December 3,  2022- the end of Week #4

We have hunters here that know a lot about our operation:

This is Dana's 24th year here.

This is Dick's 24th year here.

This is Tim's 9th year here.

This is Dick's 7th year here.

This is Rich's 7th year here.

This is Kevin's 6th year here.

This has probably been the worst week for deer harvest

that Makwa River Outfitters has had in its 35 years of business!

We only have 3 people going home with a deer out of 6 hunters! ...

We did everything that we could!

But even with that, all 6 of our hunters are returning for next year ... awesome!

bullet holes_edited.png
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