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2011 bear season:


2011_05 bear trucks and equip.JPG
2011_05 bear truck and equip.JPG

Great weather weather to start our 2011 black bear hunt in Saskatchewan with Makwa River Outfitters.

Here we are ready to go out on our first day.

First day - May 9, 2011 .. about 20 bear seen between the 7 hunters here... everyone having a great time but no bear taken today.

Second day - May 10, 2011 - two bear taken


May 10/11 Park & Jerry


Steve's bear is a nice, there is no doubt, but Kyle's bear wins this round hands down!  He is an incredible rich dark chocolate weighing in at 405 pounds . that is a BIG BEAR for this early in the spring (they have just come out of their dens and haven't had a time to eat a lot.  By July, this bear would weigh at least 600 pounds!  Woo hoo... good job Kyle!


May 12/11 Kyle

2010-05_31 bait site.JPG

May 12/11 Steve


May 13/11 Rod

Monday, May 16, 2011 ... what a good day.  There were no bear taken but everyone saw bear.  Bob saw about 12 bear (including a sow and 2 "fur ball" cubs... what entertainment they were).  Jack saw 10 bear including 1 decent chocolate bear.  Craig and Ricky each saw one bear.  All in a good bear hunting day in Saskatchewan.

2011_05 bear hunters at our kitchen.JPG

Meal time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 .. another good day.  Craig saw 5 bear, Jack saw 11 bear and Bob saw 3 bear including a really big black bear that snuck up on him but he couldn't get a shot at him.  Ricky and Jack took bear today.

2011-05-17 Ricky.JPG
2011-05-17 Jack

May 17/11 Ricky and Jack

2012-05-18 Bob
2011-05-19 Craig

May 17 /11 Bob and Craig

2011-05-24 Dale.JPG
2011_05 bear walker barry and dale boor.JPG

May 24/11 Dale

This is a very dark chocolate bear (looks black in the photo).  After Dale took this bear and while he was up in the treestand, he saw another bear ...  an incredible jet black bear that he estimated weighed 450 pounds .. that is a "monster bear" for this early in the spring!  He has rebooked for next spring with every intention of going home with that bear in 2012!

Coincidentally,  a day or so later, the guides found the footprints of a really big bear close by.

2011-05-27 big bear print.JPG

Footprint of a large bear ... note how deep the print goes into the soil indicating it is a heavy bear.

2011-05-24 Brent

May 24 /11 Brent

Here is Brent, Pro Staffer for All-Bear TV with host and producer, Danny Leonard (with the camera).  Congratulations Brent!  Making a picture-perfect bow shot on a beautiful 370 pound Bruin for your first bear ever is something to be very proud of and it made a great show!  

Here is an email from Brent:  "Hi Kathy, This is Brent Sivnksty, I just wanted you to know that it looks like my bear will make the Pope and Young record book!  I am really excited about that.  I have to have it officially scored by a P&Y representative but it should make it easily.  I really enjoyed my time with you guys, please tell Walker and Barry hello for me.  Brent"

2011-05-24 tree chewed up by bear.JPG

Tree chewed up by bear.

2011-05-26 Danny

May 26/11 Danny

That concludes our 2011 spring black bear hunt in Saskatchewan with Makwa River Outfitters

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