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2012 bear season:

May 12/12 Rod


Rod started off our season with a "big bang"!

This is an awesome boar:

2012_05_12 Rod Blake.jpg
2012-05-12 rod where is was shot bear pics 1720.jpg
2012_05_17 Steve Beam.JPG
2012_05_17 Park Estes.JPG

May 17/12 Steve and Park

Mike went home without a bear but he did make a clean miss ... no blood.  His miss was on a first class big boar ... from what he described, this one was a DANDY!  Mike is and EXCELLENT SHOT and we personally witnessed incredible good shots on targets here in camp.

2012_05_ Dale Boor.JPG

May 17/12 Dale

Dale took the last bear for this week!  He also tried to leave a piece of his thumb behind!  Dale was using his bow and didn't have his hand in the proper position and the string cut into his thumb ... nothing that 5 stitches couldn't help!  Ouch!  But .. hey ... he got the bear and that's what counts!

At the end of Week #1 we have 4 bear for 5 hunters and the 5th hunter missed a "good one" so we consider that 100%.

2012-05 mike moore's motor home.JPG

The Arkansas boys travelled in fine style ..


Steve starts the week off with a nice chocolate bear.

2018-05-21 forest bear hunting.JPG
2012_05_21 Steve Micciche.JPG
2012_05_21 Steve bear where it landed.JPG

May 21/12 Steve

Steve's message to me:

"Dear Kathy,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for running a first class operation - it was all that was advertised and more.  I have hunted with a number of different outfitters at different camps and yours is in the top echelon.  From your assistance in preparing for the hunt, directions on reaching camp, the lodge itself as well as the cooking and the cleanliness of the lodge - all was spot on.    The lodge felt like home.  It was neat and clean with all the amenities hunters would need - right down to the slippers. The beds were comfortable and we all had plenty of room to relax. A lot of outfitters boast of hunters coming into camp as strangers and leaving as friends but my experience is that is a hard bar to reach.  However you did achieve that.  An added value was that the other hunters were easy to live with and made the experience much more enjoyable.  Non-hunters think it is all about the kill and they fail to see that with most hunters, it is about the total experience not just the harvest.

I left for last any comments on your staff - guides, Barry, Walker and Larry not only know how to guide but also how to hunt. They made sure that we were well taken care of from the time that we started out till the time they skinned our bears.  The skinning facilities and walk-in freezer where top draw.  It was nice to see Barry, Walker, and Larry searching and finding stand umbrellas to shield the rain away from the hunters.  It shows their commitment.

I especially want to thank you for accomodating my diet.  I like the fact that we had a hardy breakfast and dinner, followed by sandwiches for the field, followed up by the soup, when after a long evening on stand, cold and wet, we all were able to put your delicious soup in our bellies to warm us up.

Please use me as a reference for future hunters.  I plan to come back next year, hopefully with the same hunters.


2012_05_23 view from johns stand.JPG
2012_05_23 in the stand.JPG
2012_05_23 closeup from stand.JPG

scene from John's treestand

2012_05_23 Jeff Lewis.JPG
2012_05_23 John Hoppe III.JPG

May 23/12 Jeff & John

2012_05_22 getting ready.JPG

Getting ready for the hunt

2012_05_25 Trent Davis.JPG

May 25/12 Trent & Benjie

2012_05_23 Thomas Lewis Shirt tail.JPG

Thomas went home without a bear and also without a part of his tee-shirt.  All you hunters who have been with us know about that!  Thomas is a good hunter but every hunter can tell a tale or two about missing the shot!

2012_05_24 John and Kathy.JPG

John and Kathy

Week #2 saw 5 bear going home for 6 hunters and the 6th hunter shot at and missed his bear so we still consider this season to be 100%


Everyone getting ready to leave for the first day of their Saskatchewan bear hunt with Makwa River Outfitters.

Step one:  get loaded into the trucks

2012_05_28 getting ready to go 3.JPG
2012_05_28 getting ready to go.JPG
2012_05_28 getting ready to go 2.JPG

Step two:  get loaded onto the quads/tub-trailers and head into the forest:

2012-05_28 heading to the stand.JPG
2012_05_28 heading for the stand more.JPG
2012-05-28 heading to the stand 3.JPG

Step three: get to site, get into site, guide (Walker in this picture) adds to the bait

This is a double stand set up for a father and son (we only do this if one is under-age and legally requires parental supervision).  Its not an easy set up as we need to suitable trees side by side.

2012_05-28 in the stand.JPG
2101_05_28 heading to the stand 2.JPG

Step four:  get your bear!

Eddie takes the first bear of the week and it's a nice one!

2012-05_30 Eddie Salinas.JPG

May 30/12 Eddie

2012_05_31 Marion White.JPG
2012_05_31 Bruce

May 31/12 Marion & Bruce


June 1/12 Bruce


June 2/12 Marcus

Larry and Matt go home without a bear this year.

Good job everyone!

This now concludes our Spring 2012 bear season!

Our next season ends up being 6 years later in 2018

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