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Our 2023 Spring bear hunt has started here at Makwa River Outfitters in Saskatchewan, Canada!

We haven't had a hunt since 2018 and before that 2012


  Watch and see how we do:

Monday, May 22, 2023

Welcome to our wonderful friends who have hunted bear and deer with us, Rod and Steve.

Welcome also to our new friends, Justin, Barry, John and Reid.

Black bear camp in Saskatchewan, Canada
Black bear camp in Saskatchewan, Canada
Having lunch just before heading out to the stands
Black bear camp in Saskatchewan, Canada
Black bear camp in Saskatchewan, Canada
Black bear camp in Saskatchewan, Canada
Black bear camp in Saskatchewan, Canada
Black bear camp in Saskatchewan, Canada
Black bear camp in Saskatchewan, Canada
Black bear camp in Saskatchewan, Canada
Black bear camp in Saskatchewan, Canada
Black bear camp in Saskatchewan, Canada

2:30 and away they go!

Black bear hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada
Black bear hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada
The guys are heading into some awesome country ... awesome bear country!

3:30 ... they only left camp an hour ago ... that the sound of rifle shot?
Just a minute ... is that another shot?

Hang on to your hats everyone ... I think that we have a bear down....
OR .. is it two bear down....

In the meantime, Rod is watching a big sow from his stand.  He will NOT be shooting this one.

John's bear has been retrieved... pictures to follow.
John's story:
"I hadn't been in the stand long.  I heard the first shot.  I was checking my scope, not even looking for bear yet but as I looked through the scope, there he was! 
Suddenly all the voices were in my head that I needed to pay attention to..
...size of the snout
... size of the ears
....size of the bear compared to the barrel (& he wasn't near the barrel yet)
... should I shoot the first bear on the first day?
He then walked off and I didn't have to make a decision but then not long later he returned and he looked bigger and better than the first time and I knew that this was my bear .. that is when I started to get re
ally excited.
The shot was good, he only went about 20 yards!"

Good job John!

successful bear hunt in Saskatchewan
May 22/23 - John
AND ... here is Justin's bear! 
akwa River Outfitters black bear hunt
May 22/23 - Justin
Tuesday, May 23/23 - Day 2 of Week #1
The call just came in on the radio this evening from Reid  .. "I got a bear down!"
A guided hunt for bear in Saskatchewan, Canada
May 23/23 - Reid
Wednesday May 24/23 - Day 3 of Week #1
From inside of Barry's ground blind!
From inside of Barry's ground blind:
small cinnamon sow being followed by boar.
enormous black bear hunt in Saskatchewan
the best black bear hunt
May 24/23 - Rod
This BIG BOY weighed in at 505 pounds. 
He was easily a 650 pound bear in the fall!
Skull measurement: 20 inches!  .
Rod's story:
"I was sitting back, watching the antics of a nice sized sow with her two last years cubs.
  Suddenly, she started carrying on and sent her cubs up into the the trees ... one went to the tree right above the bait barrel and the second one about 20 feet away.
Now, I was paying attention ..
  I was concentrating on what was coming ...
I KNEW something was coming.!
When he came out, he sauntered past the sow
and I thought, "how did that cub get down the tree so fast?" 
He was so much bigger than her...
he completely dwarfed her, making her look like one of the cubs in comparison.

If you see that the top of a bear's head is to the top of the food barrel, that is a nice bear ...
but this one.. 
when he walked up to the barrel ...
he looked straight down on it! 
I did not expect a bear that big to come out of the forest!
He just lumbered in and almost looked like a big old circus bear .. unbelievable!

The sow was running around him, snapping her jaws at him, trying to distract him from her cubs.
She knew that this big boar was going to kill them so that he could breed her...
she was doing what any good mother would do ..
she was doing all that she could to protect them.
She was desperately trying to slow him down and was trying block him from the cubs
but he was not paying any attention to her huffing and puffing.

The big boar stopped and looked over at me and I aimed for between the eyes.  

He lay at the base of the tree where the one cub was and neither of them were coming down.
The sow kept circling him, snapping her jaws and trying to get him away even though he was dead.
The sow then sensed that something had happened to the Big Tank
.. he was not moving,
and she knew that she had to move the cubs NOW
and she started convincing them to come down. 
The cub that was 20 feet away, scurried down and disappeared into the forest. 

But that poor little cub trapped right over the dead big boar would come down to about 12 feet
and then he would shoot back up at full speed. 
She was making aggressive sounds for him to come down ...
It was like she was saying "Come down NOW"
and the cub was replying: "you really can't be wanting me to come down now, do you?!!"
Everything bad and evil that he knew in his present world
was laying right at the base of the tree that he was cowering on!

I called Walker, my outfitter and guide
to warn him of the dangerous situation that he might encounter as he drove in with the quad.
  In a quiet voice (which was hard to do at this time)
I told him that I had a bear down ..
I wanted to keep calm about my big bear ..
I didn't want to jinx it ...
I wanted to surprise him ..
but in reality, I wanted to shout
"Bring a tow truck ... we are going to need help bringing in this BIG BOAR!"

For 45 minutes that cub kept trying to get down
but would panic and would shoot right back up to the highest branch on that tree ..
he knew that this was the only safe place
because the tree would not be able to hold that big bear on the small branches.
  Finally he mustered up all of his courage came down to about 15 feet off the ground..
  he did a SUPERMAN DIVE off the tree
that took him 20' away,
did a drop and roll
and I'm not sure if his feet touched the ground
as he ran lightning speed into the forest ..
who knows when he stopped running!

I have done a lot of bear hunting, in many locations.
I have seen a lot of bear.
I have taken 15 bear ...
I never dreamed that I would see something this big walk out of the forest in front of me! 
I think to myself .. "how many cubs will live because I took their predator out of the picture?"

I wish everyone would have an opportunity to see a bear like come out of the forest.
You just don't see that!

It was quite the evening for me!
Hunting guides and outfitter skinning our black bear in Saskatchewan
Grant, Randal and Walker working on Rod's bear.  Barry in the background.
Thursday May 25/23 - Day 4 of Week #1
two video from inside of Barry's ground blind
Good news Everyone!
Barry has just taken his first ever bear!
Congratulations Barry!
black bear hunt in Saskatchewan with Makwa River Outfitters
May 25/23 - Barry
Friday May 26/23 - Day 5 of Week #1
The final bear for this week is taken by Steve:
guided black bear hunt Makwa River Outfitters
May 26/23 - Steve
bear hunters relaxing after a guided black bear hunt in Saskatchewan
Justin, Barry and Rod waiting for Steve and his bear to get to camp.
Sunday May 28/23 - Arrival day (the day before the hunt starts) of Week #1
Welcome to our dear friends Kevin and Josh and welcome to our new friend Lashanda.
Kevin and Josh have been hunting deer with us since 2014 but this is their first bear hunt ... how exciting is that!!

But when we first greeted them, there was a bit of sadness because this is the first time that Kevin's dad (Josh's grandfather) was not with them.  David was special to us all here at Makwa River Outfitters ... his kindness, his good sportsmanship and his love of his family made him a very important part of "our family!"  
David, unfortunately passed away on May 6, 2023.
David Laux
David from his last deer hunt with us in 2018

July 17, 1931 - May 6, 2023
David Edward Laux, 91, peacefully passed away at his home surrounded by his loving family on Saturday, May 6, 2023.
David was born July 17, 1931 in Appleton to the late Gordon and Rosamund (Gerrity) Laux.
  On May 3, 1958, he married the love of his life Judith "Judy" in Appleton.

David went on to work for Hewitt Machine until he retired at the young age of 55 in 1987. 
In his free time, he enjoyed playing cribbage and going on scenic drives with Judy.  He was also an avid fisherman and enjoyed spending most of his days on Lake Winnebago, especially with
david  his grand kids.  He greatly enjoyed hunting, also with his grand kids. 
He often talked about the big Canadian hunting trips he went on with his son, son-in-law, and grandson in his later years
He was a renowned pigeon racer.  Specifically, he was a member of the Valley Racing Pigeon Club and was the 2nd best pigeon racer in the United States.  
David will be remembered most for his love for his family.David is survived by his two children: Kevin (Julie) Laux and Amy (Scott) Melendes; grandchildren: Josh Laux and Jaden Laux, Katie (Bradley) Rainbolt and Casey Melendes; siblings: Gordon Laux Jr, Joseph (Pam) Laux, Mary (Tom) Murphy and Kathy (Larry) Fondow; sisters-in-law  Yoko Laux, Carmen Laux and an abundance of other dear family and friends.

bear today
Monday May 29/23 - Day 1 of Week # 2
Beautiful day here at Makwa River Outfitters in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Kevin, Lashanda and Josh are out for their hunt...

Kevin saw a very large bear!
Why didn't he take it? ...  sometimes its really tough to pull the trigger on the first day!
But Kevin ... it might not come back!
Tuesday May 30/23 - Day 2 of Week # 2
Saskatchewan view during a bear hunt
An awesome Saskatchewan view ...
plus can you see the moose on the other side of the water?
Wednesday May 31/23 - Day 3 of Week # 2
Saskatchewan view during a bear hunt
Wow ... just wow!
Thursday June 1/23 - Day 4 of Week # 2
Day 4 ... enough just watching! 
Time to start bringing home some bear!
Kevin is the first one to shoot!
Its a cinnamon color phase.
color phase black bear in Saskatchewan Makwa River Outfitters
June 1/23 - Kevin
Kevin has taken deer with us but this is his first bear hunt.
Second one to shoot is Lashanda.
This is Lashanda's first hunt for anything ...
and she chose a bear hunt ... wow... way to go!
WhatsApp Image 2023-06-02 at 00.23.50.jpg
June 1/23 - Lashanda
And then just at the end of the day, Josh calls in ...he has a bear and its down on the pile!
June 1/23 - Josh
Josh has hunted deer with us several times but this is his first bear hunt.
Black bear hunt in Saskatchewan
This 2023 Spring Black bear hunt was an absolute blast!
What fun there was!
Great People...
Great Bear...
Great times!

We will take another one year pause due to personal time commitments on our part
but lets meet here in spring, 2025.

Call now to get in on a Black Bear hunt of a lifetime.
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